Stop And Kneel


In my younger years, I used to  crawl into my bed saying:

God, I'm just too tired to pray tonight.  I'm grateful for everything and I'll do a better prayer tomorrow.  In the name of......"

And by the time I said "Amen", my head was on my pillow and I figured God would understand I was just "too tired to pray."  You'd think that as a grown adult, that my lazy approach to prayer was in the past.  Well....sometimes I catch myself saying that pathetic prayer.

In my college years, I knew I needed a dramatic improvement in talking with God.  So I came up with the following acronym which has served me well: S.T.O.P.

  • Stop - Stop whatever I'm doing.  Stop walking.  Stop crawling into bed.  Stop doing errands.  Stop!
  • Think - Think about what's going on in my life.  What areas am I grateful for?  What do I need help with? What challenges or choices am I facing?
  • Organize - I need to organize my thoughts, ideas, and impressions in my head.  I need to make a conscious effort that I'm focused on communicating with deity.
  • Pray - Finally, talk with God.  Pour out my heart about the things I thought about earlier.  And listen to impressions.