Gravity & Gay Chastity



I have no idea why the law of gravity works.  But I know it works because I have fallen down, jumped off bridges and even dropped a weight on my head.  What goes up, must come down.  I've even read the science of why and how gravity works.  And yet, I still don't REALLY know why the law gravity works other than it does based on my experiences.

Gay Chastity

Similarly, I have no idea why the law of chastity works either. From my point of view as a gay man, what't wrong with 2 consenting adults engaging in sexual relations?  Straight or gay.  If I approach it sagaciously, I see the logic in waiting till one is married and ensuring kids are born into a family.  But what about gays?  What's the point in chastity for them?  It's not like they're going to accidentally get pregnant.  

I've read many talks and The Proclamation To The Family about the sanctity of sexual relations and it's only proper use between a husband and wife.  I hear the prophets and apostles when they teach about chastity and use words as sacred, God-ordained, holy, God's commandment, truth, only between a husband & wife, etc.  Even with "Because God said, so", I still want to know "why".  Honestly, the law of chastity still doesn't make 100% sense from my point of view from all my studying.

What Goes Up Must Come Down

I can't explain well why the law of chastity works any better than I can the law of gravity.  But I know the law of chastity works because I have enough experiences both keeping it and breaking it.  I have "fallen down, jumped off bridges, and even dropped a weight on my head" metaphorical speaking.  

l have felt the gravity of breaking the law of chastity. Ironically, not feeling God's love was never a consequence for me.  I've always felt God's love in my life, regardless if I was being chaste or not.  But, there were 2 huge consequences for me when not living the law of chastity: it destroyed my confidence before God and limited the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life.

But more importantly, I have felt the blessings when I have followed the law of chastity.  My confidence has waxed strong with God, been worthy to participate in Gospel ordinances and I've had spiritual experiences and guidance that edified my soul.

How Does One Live A Chaste Life?

Don't ask me how ones lives a chaste life.  I don't feel I have a long enough track record to say, "Look, this is how it's done." .  I'm still trying to understand how a single person lives the law of chastity with joy.  Ask me in 10 years and let's see what I have to say.  As of now, my focus is drawing close to God and my Savior, being active in my faith and learning to love others with charity.  And I mean, truly learning to love others with charity.  It may be an over-simplistic answer and sound miserable and impossible to others.  But it's what I'm trying to do.