What I Was Reminded In China

When I was planning my vacations for 2015, I wanted a discipleship journey.  Some type of trip that I could focus on becoming like Jesus Christ; do as He would do if He was here.  I thought of a service road trip across the United States or a visit to the Holy Lands.  I finally decided on an 18-day volunteer trip to China where I would serve the Chinese people through teaching English and helping in an orphanage of handicapped children.  One of the best trips I’ve ever taken.  And as I sit here in the airport pondering what I’ve just experienced, I’m reminded again what daily life is all about:

Striving to become like our Savior Jesus Christ.

But where do we start?  For me, there are some behaviors I’m going to do a little more of and some a little less of.  Hopeful it’s a little more ‘good’ and a little less ‘not so good’.  3 areas I need to personally focus on:

1.    Connecting with others through kindness and compassion
2.    Striving to be obedient to God’s will and commandments
3.    Daily repentance 

My Stake President once said in a priesthood blessing to me that my best defense against sin was prayer.  It would make sense then that Satan would attack my communication with God before anything else.  These 18 days in China included daily opportunities for selfless service.  And I’ll be honest, the days I ignored God or his commandments, the service felt empty. 

I love my God and my Savior.  And in the American fashion, I raise my glass to all of us.  To those of us who are trying to be Christ-like but too often pass a damning final judgment on ourselves when we fall short.  We need to stop it.  Instead of passing final judgement, we need utilize the atonement through daily repentance.  Becoming like our Savior is a daily process and not a final judgement set by us.  Now back to work.