My Average Five People


Not an Average Race
Recently a group of friends and I ran the World Championship Spartan Race. It consisted of a 3,000 ft elevation climb just short of 15 miles with 37 obstacles. The above photo is us reaching the 3,000 ft climb after dragging our bodies over 10 miles of misery. We were excited the worst was over.  

But within the next 2 miles of descent, hell fell upon us as we questioned the size of our brains for signing up for this nightmare. We had to swim across frigid waters only to be blasted with a freezing windstorm. Obstacles became more intense and we were sopping wet. Some members experienced early signs of hypothermia while others crumbled to severe muscle cramps. I began to question: "How are we going to finish as a team when we still have so far to go?"

The Average of 5 People
I've often heard the phase "You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with". This race proved that point as me and my friends finished the race with incredible tenacity. Here’s what the “average 5” were made up of:

  • Contributors - Each of us encouraged, gave a helping hand, and pulled our own weight. Everyone had different strengths to contribute and was freely shared among the group.
  • Organic comrades - There is power being unified for a purpose through the spirit of friendship. Forced or manipulated relationships never work. Organic is key.
  •  Optimists  - Everyone had a reason to complain. Some more than others. But no one did. We vented sometimes which is normal and healthy. But overall, the optimistic attitudes gave us willpower to say and feel “We can do this!”

I want to surround myself more with these types of people. People who add value, where there’s an organic connection, and who sees life as something to be lived. And I hope I can better be this type of person in my relationships.