I Am That Annoying Customer To God


I received the following letter from a friend and share with his permission:

Hey Josh,

Sorry again for the other night being such a downer.  Some things you said really helped me, though maybe not at the moment you said them.  You said you didn't have any answers for me, but that the Holy Ghost did and then you asked, "What has God told you today?" I said I haven't felt guidance from God in years.  I drove home feeling awful and like my life was a failure.  I got home, sat around a bit and then prayed before I went to bed.

I woke up at 3:00 am feeling all the anxiety and bad feelings I was having before.  I sat there for a moment and thought about what you said about talking with God and then I decided I would pray again, which is something I never do at 3:00 in the morning.  

As I prayed, my mind remembered a conversation I previously had at work with a co-worker.  We were talking and I saw a customer had come in whom we regularly try to avoid.  I said to my co-worker, “I feel bad that so and so has to talk to that guy.”  He agreed and we talked about the things we couldn’t stand about the customer. 

This customer comes in and he talks and talks and won’t shut up.  He asks questions but never cares to get an answer or listen to the answers.  He acts like he knows everything and is very pretentious.  One time he literally talked for 15 minutes and I couldn't get a word in.  I kept trying to leave because he was bothering me so bad and wouldn’t stop.

I realized in that prayer – I am that annoying customer to God.  I pray most days but I do all the talking and I never care to listen for an answer.  I say what I have to say, unload my frustrations on God and then I leave before He can tell me anything.  

I kept praying and I received guidance and direction.  It was a powerful experience and I was able to write down things God wanted me to know.  I have received more direction from God in the last few days than I have in a long time, and I think that our conversation, though probably not fun or uplifting for you, was actually just what I needed.