3 Types of Sins

I believe there are 3 types of sins. I've not verified this doctrinally but it seems to make sense in my challenges. For me, understanding this difference helps me understand my repentance.

1 - Sin from laziness/cluelessness - Usually when I do something stupid because I didn't think it through. Not because I was being disobedient, I just wasn't paying attention. (i.e - seeing an elder lady struggle lifting groceries into her car but it never crosses my mind to help.)
2 - Sin from willful disobedience - Down right being defiant. (i.e - Not paying tithing because I want to use the funds for an atv.)
3 - Sin from wounds - sin because we are wounded and using the sin to lessen the pain from the wound (i.e - looking at porn, self-righteousness, crossing boundaries to feel loved.

Elder Scott in the Oct 2013 general conference taught that the Lord sees weaknesses differently than He does rebellion. And when the Lord speaks of weaknesses, it is always with mercy.

I know I'm a good man trying to do good and be good. Most of the time, I find myself sinning because of #3. I'm sinning because I'm hurting inside and turn to poison (sin) for the antidote. I use to be SO hard on myself. But God has taught me to be kinder to myself. And he has opened my eyes to why I sometimes can turn to sin when I'm hurting.

I honestly believe the 2 hardest things to bear are sin and not feeling loved. And when one is present, we most surely will see the other there. It's a vicious cycle. The beginning to break such a cycle is to build a FIRM relationship with God. For me, it hasn't been easy and it's taken time. Months, not days or even weeks. Months! But I'm grateful God has made me work for His love and the relationship we have now. If God didn't make me struggle, I wouldn't have the conversion I have today.