Yes, I Too Struggle Being Faithful


Yup, that’s me in the above picture raising my hand.  I too, struggle with being faithful.  I wish my personal life looked like so many other lives portrayed on social media or even in Sunday School class as extremely happy and valiant and active members of the Gospel.  

I believe most of us agree that we show the best part of ourselves on social media and even at church.  We are a very image conscious people.  So much so, it seems we can’t even say in a church setting “I’m struggling being faithful”.  We can only mention it when it’s been months or years in the past.  It’s too taboo to say "I struggle with being faithful today."

A few weeks ago, a man in Sunday School made a unkind comment about the “unfaithful” and “faithless”.  I wanted to raise my hand and say, ‘Uh….I’m right here.  I can hear everything you’re saying.  Those people you are talking about….that’s me.  And yes, I too struggle with being faithful.”

Is it wrong that I struggle with being faithful?  No.  I’m human.  It’s about making small improvements and getting back on my feet when I fall.  It’s about not passing final judgement on myself or others.  God hasn’t given out final judgement.  Why do I often give out a final crappy judgement for myself that I’m not heaven material?  What a waste of thinking.

Through all of this, I’m learning the importance of humility.  Because humility is required to trust in and actually live God’s will.

Be thou humble; and the Lord thy God shall lead thee by the hand...
— Doctrine and Covenants 112:10