Put Your Hand On The Temple

A few months ago in stake conference, my Stake President, President Featherstone made the following promise, “If  you don't know if God loves you, if you will go to the temple and put your hand on the temple, you will know you are loved.” What a great promise to exercise my faith in I thought. A few weeks later, I drove myself to the Salt Lake Temple to place my hands on the walls of the temple.

As I was walking through Temple Square, I became nervous and a little scared. I thought, “What if I touch the temple walls and don’t feel anything? Nothing! Just a cold stonewall with no spiritual experience of God’s love? Does that mean I’m not worthy? Maybe I’m not spiritual enough for such an experience. Maybe I’m not a good enough member to be worthy of such an experience. If nothing happens, what does this say about me?”

I finally came to the east entrance of the rod iron fence wall separating Temple Square from the actual Temple Grounds. Before entering, I said a simple and sincere prayer to God that I would be able to experience the promise made by President Featherstone. I then opened by eyes and proceeded to enter the gate to the temple grounds.

As soon as I crossed that threshold onto the hollowed ground of the Salt Lake Temple, I was immediately washed over with the Spirit. I wasn’t near the temple to place my hands on it's walls and yet my soul was basking in God’s love for me. I thought and pondered for a moment, “But I haven’t even touched the temple walls yet, yet I’m already feeling God’s love for me. Why? What does this mean?" It was as if God answered, “Son, I love you and am very excited to see you. I’m so happy you’re here, that I couldn’t even wait for you to walk to the temple wall. I had to hug you as soon as you walked through that gate. That’s how much I love you!”

I then slowly walked and placed my hand on the northeast corner of the temple. As I moved my fingers across the stones, tears came down my cheeks. I stood there ever grateful for my Father in Heaven and His love me.

I know He’s perfectly aware of all things that go on in our lives. And I also know, He is at that “gate”, anxiously waiting to see us.