The Woman At Wal-Mart

I saw a woman sobbing this morning as she loaded her car at Wal-Mart. I noticed she wore a wedding ring. She drove a newer clean car. That’s all I knew about it. She walked past my car to return the cart and I could see her mascara was a mess from heavy crying. I thought, “How can I help her?” I pondered that thought for a moment and was really indifferent about her and the situation. I listened for a short time hoping for some inspiration prompting me to do something for this woman. Nothing came. I looked in my wallet and found $25. I thought, “Here lady, have $25.” That seemed creeper like and I dismissed that idea.

I watched the woman return to her car. She didn’t drive off, but continued sobbing. Because I felt indifferent about it and really not having any strong prompting to do anything, I decided to drive off. 

I drove to the end of the row and stopped. The woman’s car hadn't moved. I pulled over and found a Wal-Mart Photo Processing envelope in my jocky box. On the inside of the envelope I penned, “I hope your day goes better. Here is a little something to treat yourself.” I included the $25 and walked over to her car.

I approached her car with much nervousness and thinking, “What in the HELL am I doing? She’s going to think I’m a rapist.” The woman was still crying into her hands and I tapped on her window. She looked confused and a little scared. I lifted my getto Wal-Mart Photo Processing envelope and said this was for her. She resisted for a little bit and finally cracked her car door open. I handed her the envelope and said, “Mam, this is for you. Have a good day.” I walked back to my car and drove off.

It wasn’t until I returned to my car that I received the confirmation that what I did was right in that moment. It felt like God patting me on my back saying, “Atta boy! Way to do something on your own accord and not waiting for me to tell you to do it.” I received the confirmation AFTER the fact of acting on my own accord. Like in D&C 58:26 “For behold, it is not meet that I should command in all things”.