The White Truck

One spring, I spent a solid 4 weeks, Monday - Saturday, sunup till sundown driving tractor and planting potatoes on the family farm. When the potato planter is raised for transportation, it's very difficult to see what's behind you.

I pulled out of the field onto the road to be reloaded with more potato seed. Once filled, I proceeded to back the tractor in reverse to the next spot I needed to plant. As soon I put the tractor in reverse, a small voice said, "Look for the white truck." I instantly pushed the clutch in and looked behind me. I couldn't see anything. I then looked forward and saw a white truck a a few hundred yards ahead of me. I thought to myself, "Oh, the white truck's in front of me."

I then disengaged the clutch and started in reverse again. And again a small voice, "Look for the white truck." I stopped again. A little confused, I looked behind the potato planter and still couldn't see any white truck. I looked ahead and could still see a white truck a few hundred yards ahead. I said to myself, "My mind is playing tricks. The trucks in front of me."

I then backed up a little bit more until I reached the spot that I needed to enter the field. Once I lowered the potato planter and got everything ready to start planting, I looked back at the road and saw Javier's white truck. I looked at it and said, "Wow, when did Javier get in a wreck? I'm surprised that truck is even drivable."

Then it all hit me like a ton of bricks. The Spirit was warning me of another truck. Another truck I couldn't see. But I ignored the 2 promptings and instead used the logic from my eyesight. With the mammoth size of the planter and tractor, I didn't feel a thing when the corner of the planter caught the front right side of Javier's white truck. I learned a great lesson that day:

Trust the Spirit, not our eyesight.