This is a picture I took of the Sacred Grove a few Sunday morning's ago. I ended my 9 days in total of "God and Josh" time where it all began. If I could summarize those 9 days of traveling with God in one word....solitude.

If we really want to know God, we need alone time with him. One on one time. The temple is great place for one on one time, but let me talk about prayer and solitude with God. 

I used to think that my morning or evening prayers was all the communication I needed with God. Frankly, I've ALWAYS been too tired to give ANYONE my attention in the morning. And I'm ALWAYS too tired to give ANYONE my attention when I'm getting ready for bed. My prayers REALLY struggled with the sun coming and going and God most often got the short end of the stick. 

Bad prayer habits are hard to kill, so I decided to talk with God during the day between 10:00 and 2:00 pm. Sometimes I'll shut my office door, or sit on the curb between 2 cars in the parking lot, or sometimes the handicapped bathroom. At this point in my day, I'm fully present for conversation with God and actually feel like spending more than 30 seconds with him. And I just talk with God for 10 minutes. Wow....what a change that has made in my life! 

I still fight my laziness in my morning and nightly prayers, but I go to sleep with a clean conscious knowing that I really connected with God and gave him my 100% when I talked to him during that day. It's creating the solitude moments with God that allows us to experience Him. If those solitude moments aren't coming, change it so it fits you.