Chillaxing At The Tree Of Life

After being reinstated in the LDS church from a year of church discipline, I honestly felt like one of those individuals in Lehi’s dream who had grabbed hold of the iron rod and with tenacity pressed forward to the tree of life. Gaining my full fellowship back was one of the sweetest rewards of pressing forward and in essence, partaking of the fruit of the tree of life. 

I believe that sometimes when we have fought so hard a battle, we throw out a lawn chair, put on our Ray-Bans and do a little R&R; a little rest and relaxation. We soon forget the hard work we've done, take for granted the heavenly fruit that is just a hand pick away, and start looking towards that great and spacious building. And before we know it, we’re taking a leisurely stroll to go window shopping in the downtown of that building.

We cannot be window shopping at that great and spacious building. There is no protection and the enticing’s far too dangerous. We have to choose to actively partake in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and be partakers of everything it requires. Because as soon as we become passive, the natural man surely will take us window shopping where purchases eventually are made. Such high prices paid for so little.