An Tangible As Heat

Recently I was sitting next to a very good man on a flight to Salt Lake City. We talked for roughly 2 hours about our jobs, childhoods and the challenges we've faced in life. Our conversation then turned to Mormons, God, and Faith. My new friend said that faith was only a belief and that no one could really know if there was a God. I said,

"With the challenges I face, I'm not just hoping or believing there's a God. If I'm going to live the life I'm striving to live, I better know, and not just believe or hope that there's a God."

Our plane soon landed, we shook hands and departed. If I had more time on that plane with my friend, I would have shared,

"I love to read books next to my space heater when I'm cold. I can't see the heat, but I can feel it. I can feel it strong enough that sometimes it burns. I can't see God, but I can feel His love, concern, and desire to be close to me. I can feel it strong enough that sometimes it causes my soul within me to burn." 

Faith = obedience (our part) + revelation (God's part). When we want to know God, we can be obedient in seeking Him. God will then do His part in giving us revelation that He exists and loves us individually. Revelation that we can actually feel. Faith is not wishing and hoping without a manifestation from heaven. It's knowing because we can actually feel Him. That's faith.