A Father's Blessing

I am going to Journey Beyond this week. It's a week of intensive emotional-healing surrounding my same-gender attraction. I asked my father to give me a father's blessing this morning for this event. He blessed me the Holy Ghost would be with me the entire week and that I would receive a greater understanding of my emotional health and needs. 

He said my mother ( who committed suicide a few years ago by setting the house on fire) was sorrowful for this things she did and said to me and that she would be with me during this entire week of learning and understanding. At this point of the blessing, I sobbed and sobbed as my father continued to pour out his blessing on things he had no idea that I was actually feeling and experiencing. Things I had never shared with him. 

After the blessing, I stood and fully embrace my father with my whole body and sobbed. I told him I loved him and said, " dad, I need this more often. I need you to hug me more frequently and I need you to tell me you love me. I don't know what my emotional problems are yet, but I do know that I need these things from you often." My father then continued to embrace me and told how much he loved me.

As hard as it was to admit all that to my father, it will be one of the sweetest memories I will always have with him.