Our Circle & Bubble Are Backwards

In my Sunday School lesson yesterday, I presented the idea that we have our circle & bubble backwards. I feel, most times, we walk into a room with a large bubble space. A bubble that seems to always reach far past the physical boundaries of any walls. And when we're in that room with our large bubble, we won't let anyone get close. We think there's too much risk of rejection. And rejection hurts.

Since we've expanded our bubble to an unhappy yet safe size, we shrink our circle of influence to it's smallest size. We may feel, "I'll wait for them to reach out to me. I'll wait for them to influence the connection or relationship." With a bubble space so large and a circle of influence so small, we are left disconnected. And that's an unhappy place to be in.

Jesus Christ did the exact opposite. His circle of influence has no boundaries. It is all encompassing. And His bubble....well, almost undetectable if He even has one. Christ was proactive in doing good and connecting with people. He was always influencing people for good. And because His bubble was so small, He could connect with people on a deep emotional and vulnerable level.

The story of Josh (the guy in this video) is a perfect example of what I'm talking about. He was feeling disconnected. And rather than expanding his personal bubble space, he shrunk it down AND enlarged his circle of influence to do much good. Incredible.