Fighting For Dear Spiritual Life

I know strong people who fought fiercely for dear life because of cancer or some form of accident. They did everything in their power to survive. Doctors’ orders were followed religiously. Treatment was never missed. Prayers were constant and heart felt. And sometimes even personal funds exhausted. They were fighting for dear life, sometimes for months or years!

Do we do the same for our spiritual lives? When we are spiritually dying because of sin, or we’re neglecting our relationship with God, or life seems too hard to handle and doubts arise, do we fight for dear spiritual life? When we’ve lost hope in our faith, in God, and in ourselves, are we following the prescribed steps of building a strong spiritual foundation? Are we making sure a good solid treatment of gospel study is never missed? Are our prayers constant and heart felt? Do we keep our covenants? Do we keep boundaries and stay close to those who help us recover? 

Do we realize that fighting for dear spiritual life might take more than a day or a month? Sometimes God allows us to fight for dear spiritual life much longer. I don’t know the reason behind it. Perhaps we appreciate the spiritual life much deeper when we’ve had to fiercely fight for it. 

(Credit to my good friend, Jim K. for the conversation)