Don't Let Loneliness Set Up Camp

2014 was a great year. It was probably the best year for me drawing closer to God, my Savior, my family, and close friendships. But by year's end, I felt frustrated that the joy and happiness I had felt in earlier months seem robbed by loneliness.

I know all of us face loneliness at certain times in our lives. I used to think loneliness was for the friendless or the emotionally unhealthy ones. That is grossly not true. Even the Savior Himself felt loneliness in the Garden of Gethsemane as He says to Peter, "What, could ye not watch with me one hour?" Matt 26:40

Sore throats, stubbed toes, and hang nails come and go in our lives, but loneliness tries to set up camp. I feel 2014 taught me, and 2015 will continue to teach me, that having balance in different areas is key to preventing loneliness from making permanent residency within us. Areas I'm trying to balance in 2015:

1 - Connect with God
2 - Connect with family & friends
3 - Love myself
4 - Gratitude for both small and large things
5 - Seek & do God's will
6 - Practice compassion
7 - Show kindness to everyone
8 - Learn & develop talents
9 - Exercise 
10 - Work through emotional healing