Your Obituary in 2016


I've had several opportunities to give life-sketches at funerals in my life.  The experience of writing and sharing these life-sketches is a very spiritual one.  And yet I have been torn on 2 things I experienced in writing them:

1. Individuals have stories of goodness in areas of their lives

2. Individuals also have voids of goodness in areas of their lives

I wanted to share stories of goodness in areas of life that mattered most.  But sometimes there was no such evidence.

I took inventory of my life and thought what might  be said in my life-sketch. Would they find it difficult to say I put God 1st in my life?  Could they say I was a man of sound character?  Would there be heart-felt stories of me loving & serving & being generous?  Could they laugh at good memories made?

Years ago I wrote those above questions in my scriptures.  And since had them framed in my home.  2016 is now upon us and I hope it's not my year to meet my maker.  But when the time comes for my life-sketch to be given, I hope there are no voids of goodness in any areas of my life.