Can I Speak To Your Manager?


Thank You For Calling Delta

Last week I was conference called into a conversation with my friend and a Delta customer service agent named Nicole.  We were booking travel for an upcoming service expedition to Mexico.  Nicole was extremely helpful and did a great job to accommodate our travel plans.  

At the end of the conversation my friend said to Nicole, "Can I speak to your manager?  I want them to know you did a fantastic job helping us today."  Nicole obviously was flattered. And after a brief hold, my friend shared with Nicole's manager how awesome Nicole was.  

How cool and gracious was that?!  It never crossed my mind to tell a call agent's manager what a great job their agent is doing.  

My Own Experience

The other day I made a call to American Express. In a very thick accent I hear "Hi, thank you for calling American Express.  My name is Bhargav.  How may I help you today?"  "Tell me Bhargav, is your office in India?"  "Yes sir, and I'm hear to give you a million smiles."  It ended up being more than a million.

This guy was exceptional.  He was out of the ordinary in showing his personality, making me laugh, and telling me about this love for fast motorcycles.  Still having my experience with the Delta agent fresh on my mind I said, "Can I speak to your manager?  I want to tell them how incredible you've been."

Bhargav was flattered and surprised beyond words.  "Yes Mr. Searle.  That is the kindest thing anyone has done for me here.  You have made my day.  But it might take a few minutes to get my manager."  "No problem Bhargav, I'll gladly wait."

After a brief 2 minutes hold, I was on the phone with Bhargav's manager.  I gave specifics how Bhargav was helpful and made my experience with American Express exceptional that day.  The manager's response "You have made my day.  I only get calls when customers are complaining.  They never take the time to say what a good job we are trying to do or the fact you waited on hold for 2 minutes just to say all this means so much.  Bhargav has only been here for a few weeks so this will be very good to pass onto upper management for him."


I want to be more aware of and take opportunities to praise people for their good works.  After both of those phone calls, my happiness dramatically increased for that day.  It was a Godly moment of people connecting with each other on a level of "You are doing a great job and I acknowledge and thank you for it."  Those moments bring satisfying happiness.