Thanks To The Child Who Made Me Cry


The Waiting Room
I sat down in my doctor’s vacant waiting room when I notice a 3 year old boy playing alone in the children's play corner.  His mother must have been with the doctor as there was only he, I and the young receptionist who had greeted me earlier in the room.

I barely get seated when the little boy runs over and asks if I'll read him a story.  "Sure I'll read you a story!" I said using the enthusiastic voice we adults use when greeting such cute kids.  

This little boy then heaves the heavy Blue Clues book onto my lap and then takes a few steps back.  Running as fast as he can, he grunts as he desperately makes the jump to land awkwardly by my side.  And with no hesitation, this little boy wraps his tiny arms around my bicep and snuggles his head onto my shoulder.  Time stood still for a moment as I witnessed this child be completely trusting and loving.

I read out loud lines from Blue Clues and asked my new friend to locate items in the pictures.  He'd lean forward with his tiny finger and touch the pages.  And then he'd lean back into my arm and rest his head again onto my shoulder.  The receptionist and I exchanged warm smiles as we both enjoyed the special moment I was having with this kid.  

5 minutes went and it my was my time to see the doctor.  The boy was not a happy camper that I was leaving, and eventually I had to gently pry his arms off mine.  But honestly, I think I was more sad to leave than he was.

I saw the doctor, paid the receptionist, and then got into my car.  And not knowing why, I began sobbing.  I sat there as a grown man sobbing in my car and not even knowing why.  

Reflecting Back:
I make a conscious effort to stay positive in life, be active, and to do good and be good.  But even after the best efforts and goals attained, sometimes I break down and sob because of unfulfilled righteous desires.  A desire to be a father.  A desire to have a family.

The pure love this little boy cuddling up to me reminded me of those desires.  And as I write this, I wish I could easily say to myself, "Don't worry.  Blessings will come" because I don't want blessings delayed.  I want them now. 

I am both happy and sad that through this little boy, God gave me a glimpse of a delayed blessing.  And to others in similar situations I say, "me too."