Where's Our Focus?


I love a perfectly focused face with blurred surroundings in a photograph.  It helps me see what matters most in that moment of time.  But if the focus is on something else, the picture can lose power and meaning.

Like the photograph above, where we focus makes all the difference.  There are times I need to focus on taking out the trash.  But at that particular time, it was best to focus on that moment with my friend.

In the ever-changing photograph we call life, we must decide when and where to focus and refocus.  Sometimes we become fixated on a thing, hobby, sin, our appearance, or hurt feeling.  Or like a fart in a skillet, we are all over the place trying to focus on everything at once.  Here are some questions I've asked myself:

*         Do I focus on my sins or focus on turning to God?

*         Do I focus on what I can't control or focus on what I can control?

*         Do I focus on my mistakes or focus on my growths?

*         Do I focus on what I don't have or focus on what I do have?

*         Do I focus on disagreements or focus on common ground?

*         Do I focus on lifestyles or focus on goodness?

*         Do I focus on annoyances or focus on service?

*         Do I focus on hurt feelings or focus on lifting others?

*         Do I focus on to-do lists or do I focus on people?

*         Do I focus on the past or do I focus on the here and now?

I believe every item listed above needs focus.  But it takes practice and wisdom to know when and where to refocus.