What I Fear

Life any social media, whether intentional or not, the author of such media can portray an exaggerated life.  There are blogs, Facebook posts, and Instgrams that sometimes causes us to vomit in our mouths because they are so fake and fabricated by individuals we know.  The posts seem to be a far cry from how the person lives behind closed doors.  Shame on the author.  Sometimes we as the audience will place individuals on pedestals because what they  post.  We can quickly glorify them and begin to wonder, "Why can't I be more like them?  They have it all figured out."  Shame on the audience.

I fear my posts might cause some to vomit or place me on a pedestal.

This blog is not a fake life I want to portray or an effort to gain praises.  I write this blog so I can say with others, "Me too."   To cast away any doubt of me faking a life or appearing greater than I am, read the crap mistakes I've made or been dealt with:

Have used people

Have looked at pornography

Have experienced codependency

Have been rejected by my college of choice

Have talked mean behind peoples’ backs

Have been through church discipline

Have struggled at making friends

Have failed a college course

Have ignored people

Have experienced crippling anxiety

Have been rude to people

Have been laid off

Have hated myself

Have been bullied

Have been hypocritical

Have been immoral

Have lost a parent to suicide

Have lived a double life

Have lied to save face

Have wrongfully judge people

Have thought I was better than others

 Truth be told: I'm just a man trying to do what's right yet sometimes trip along the way.